I welcome you to visit to my small spa!

It is important to me that every visit my clients experiences a calm environment and relaxing treatment experience. Because of this, my spa is available to one customer at a time.

I specialize in facial treatments and sugaring. Everything that I do are sincerely personalized, and effective. I believe in the effect of treatments made with traditional methods and the effectiveness of the products.

I use Yon-Ka products, which combines active ingredients from nature, luxurious compositions, that are proven effective, with visible treatment results.

At Yon-Ka, we believe that beauty resides in the balance of body and mind. Each of our treatments aims at a unique, multi-sensory experience that is individualized according to the client’s needs. A balanced, refreshed mind equals a relaxed and vibrant body.

I want to offer my knowledge to my clients, and show a new and effective way in the beauty care industry.

Kindly regards,